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TED Grabber Now Downloads TED Videos With Subtitles

Back in June, we reviewed a great portable tool called TED Grabber that helps in downloading TED talk shows. Version 2 of TED Grabber has a whole revamped user interface with an added option to grab subtitles for each TED video. The best part is that it supports downloading of subtitles in any language.

The working of the application is same as before. You simply have to provide a TED Video URL and hit Download Subtitle. It will provide you download links of different quality which you can download using any download manager. At the same time, it will also download the subtitle file in the same directory where TED Grabber executable is residing.

TED Grabber 2

You can also enter the TED Video ID to download subtitles. There are two modes – Single Mode and Auto Mode. The Auto Mode allows user to download multiple subtitles.

TED Grabber Download TED subtitles

Before downloading the subtitles, make sure the language is set to English or any of your local language from Language Settings tab.

Download TED Grabber 2

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  • I’ve used TED for the past few weeks and am very happy with the performance and flexibility. We canceled cable TV about a month ago and TED allows me to keep up with the 3-4 shows we like. The one feature I used a lot to begin with was being able to pull a past episode – very handy to catch up on ones we missed. Try it!

    • Padasalgi

      I am quite new to open source sourceforge projects and I am not a developer.I want a big favour from you to learn how to download TEDgrabber and from which url.I am getting confused when I see the site when opend by cliking download tedgrabber.
      pl advsie .thanks

  • Simply the app. of the year…. This is so awesome…. I love TED videos. I am sure this tool will be updates to download youtube captions as well.

  • Ted Grabber is not open source project. just free application.
    sourceforge delete my application :/

    download project from here :

  • This is a great application, thanks!

    • Ayman Amer

      Thank you so much 🙂
      Very useful

  • Danilo

    The problem is solving how to merge the subs into video
    as created in txt and with non standards format content.

  • Danilo

    Also because it has a bug trying to create the srt file caused
    by european date and time format unrecognized by app.

  • Shereef Sakr

    You can also download TED subtitles through this web site, just given the URL you can browse all available languages and download the subtitle file for it. Please try it and feed me back, there is a suggestion link 🙂


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  • Isadora

    how do I get the subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese? I’ve tried writing ‘por’, ‘ptb’, ‘prb’, but they all come in English… can somebody help me?