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Free TvDB Lets You Organize TV/Movie Database & View Related Videos

Free TvDB, as the name suggests, is a video database organizing application for your favorite TV Series, Movies, Anime and Reality Shows. It not only provides video database organizing features, but also enables users to obtain synopsis, cast, episode guide, fan art, related videos (such as opening theme and bloopers via YouTube) and posters. Some of its main features include automatic data download (e.g. cast, episode guide, and images), support for viewing information about specified videos in up to 23 languages, and the ability to mark episodes/seasons as watched or unwatched.

To get started, launch the portable executable file, enter a series name in search bar (from top of the interface), and specify a folder from Scan Directory and Search option (located at bottom toolbar). When you enter a series name, the data is automatically fetched from Free TvDB database, and is loaded even if you havent specified a directory containing the video.

Free TvDB (1 series  DB size [1 MB])

The Episode tab allows you to add episode title, ratings, genre etc, for a specific episode, whereas the entire list of episodes (for all seasons) can be acquired from All Episodes tab.


Similarly, you can obtain cast, posters and fan art from the adjacent tabs.


The last three tabs provide related videos for the media in your database. For example, you can view the opening theme (Op.theme tab), bloopers (Bloopers tab) and search for all videos present in FreeTvDB database (All Video) tab.

All videos

You can mark videos/seasons as watched or unwatched, copy their episode lists, update list to check for new episodes and change their category via right-click context menu.

Change Category

While Free TvDB is not much different from many common video organizers, it features related videos, something that is missing in many video database managers such as Movies by CraigWorks. A minor annoyance that we found was a request for donation to the developer popping up every time the program was launched. Free TvDB works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Free TvDB

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