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G Translator Lets You Translate Text Between More Than 50 Languages

While language barrier may have been a major hindrance a few decades ago, now its been reduced to certain extent. Various software have been developed that can easily translate text and web content among different languages. While browsing, we often come across web pages with text in foreign languages, and even though Chrome has a built-in Translator, some of us prefer other browsers. If you often visit foreign sites and find it difficult to navigate between pages, then what you probably need is G Translator. The application is a text translation tool that uses Google’s Translation service, and translates the text from one language to the another. It also produces reverse translation to translate text back from the target language to source one. It has support for more than 50 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and various others. Keep reading for more on G Translator.

The interface of the application is quite simple and the tool itself is quite easy to use. The interface has Source Language and Target Language drop down menus at the top, Enter Your Source Text Here text field in the middle and Translated Text and Reverse Translation boxes to view the translated text below that. The Translate button is at the bottom of the main interface.

To start, select the Source Language and then the Target Language from the drop down menus. Then, copy and paste the text in Enter Your Source Text Here text field (i.e. the text which you want to translate to your target language), and click Translate. The translated text will instantaneously appear under Translated Text field. That’s not all, Reverse Translation is another unique feature of G Translator. It provides a detour by enabling you to reverse translate the text from the target to source language without any extra commands.

G Translator 2.0

During testing, we found out that there is no option to auto detect the source language, and we hope that the developer includes it in the next release, since Google’s Translation service definitely supports this. Apart from this, G Translator is a lightweight application with a memory footprint of only 10 mb. It is a very quick way to translate text between different languages. And to top it off, there is reverse translation feature as well. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided that Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher is installed on your system.

Download G Translator

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