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RMPrepUSB: Create Bootable Windows/Linux USB, Test R/W Speed & More

RMPrepUSB is utility for creating bootable copies of Windows and Linux distributions on your pen drive. What makes it unique from other applications of it’s kind (such as WintoFlash), is the fact that it not only allows the creation of bootable, installer USBs, but also provides a number of extra features, including USB speed test, USB formatting (in numerous file systems including FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS), performing a size/speed test, installing Grub4dos, SYSLINUX and creating EXT2 FS on your pen drive.

To create a bootable USB for installing a Windows or booting/installing a Linux distribution, select a bootloader, e.g., WnPev2/WinPEv3/Vista/Win7 bootable [BOOTMGR]9CC4, a file system (e.g. NTFS) and select an operating system image file. Once done, click Prepare Drive.

Select OS

This will start creating a bootable USB for the selected Windows or Linux operating system.


RMPrepUSB also comes with three image tools, namely File –> Drive, Drive –> File and File Info. The File –> Drive option reads image file content and writes it to a selected drive. The file must be a non-compressed binary image. The Drive to File (Drive –> File) option reads file content and writes it to an image file. The image files in both cases can be of IMG, ROM, BIN, RAW, VMDK,VDI, RAM, QCOW, QCOW2, CLOOP, DMG, VPC, VHD, VVFAT and NBD format. You can also obtain file information (for a file belonging to any of these image formats) from the File Info option.


RMPrepUSB comes with a number of languages, which can be switched from the top right side of the interface. The language selection menu is followed by a number of other options, including Refresh, Help, Test using QEMU Emulator, Eject Drive, Drive Info, Grub4 Dos/syslinux installation , Ext2 FS creation, Speed test, USB formatting and size test option. For example, you can test USB speed and see results in the form a comma delimited CSV log file, with required stats.

Microsoft Excel - USBSpeedDP

RMPrepUSB works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download RMPrepUSB

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