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G+7 Displays Google+ Messages Feed On Your Windows 7 Desktop

G+7 is a Windows 7 gadget to provide constant updates from your  Google+ Stream. It allows enlarging a particular story from a Google Plus feed in order to view it in a large pop-up window for better visibility. G+7 can be a useful gadget for Google Plus users who may wish to keep track of their stream updates to identify and open only important stories, without having to periodically visit Google Plus by using a browser.


Like any other Windows 7 gadget, you can change the size, position on the desktop, opacity and access options via right-click context menu. To receive stream updates, right click on the gadget and select Options, followed by Log in. Enter you Google account credentials in the new window which pops-up and click Sign in. You can also choose an update frequency (e.g. every 1 minute) and unlock size from Options.


In case you come across an interesting update in your Google+ Stream, double-click on the feed story to open it in a large pop-up window. You can open the feed item in your default browser to visit your Google Plus profile from View Online option.

Large view

Although, G+7 is quite a handy gadget to help you identify important feed items from your Google Plus Stream, it will be better if the developer also added some extra features to this gadget such as the option to access other Google Plus features such as Photos, Profiles, etc. Right now it is a simplified Google+ Feed on your desktop.

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