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How To Get A New Windows Spotlight Image For Your Lock Screen In Windows 10

The Windows Spotlight images on your lock screen are pretty awesome. They change daily but there is no way to dictate how often Windows 10 will get a new Windows Spotlight image for your lock screen. You might actually be stuck with the same image for days on end if Windows 10 doesn’t refresh the image. There’s no way for you to request a new image; you have to wait until Windows Spotlight fetches a new one itself. If you’ve been stuck with the same image on your lock screen for too long though, there is a way to get a new Windows Spotlight image for your lock screen. Here’s how.

There are two ways to do this; both are simple but one has more lasting effects than the other. Both methods are a work around because there is no built-in way to get a new Windows Spotlight image for your lock screen.

Tell Windows Spotlight You Don’t Like The Image

This first method has more long lasting effects. When Windows Spotlight shows you an image, it asks you if you like it or not. It uses the feedback to show you similar images. If you give an image a negative rating  you will get a new image right away.

On your lock screen, hover the mouse over the ‘Like what you see’ widget.

It will expand to show you two options; I like it! and Not a fan. If you click ‘Not a fan’, you will get a new Windows Spotlight image for your lock screen right away. The only downside to this is that it will impact your image preferences. If you genuinely like an image, you won’t want to use this method often.

Turn It Off And On Again

Open the Settings app and go to the Personalization group of settings. Select ‘Lock Screen’ and open the ‘Background’ drop-down. Select ‘Picture’ instead of Windows Spotlight and select an image. Lock your system once to make sure the image has been updated.

Next, unlock your system and open the Settings app again. Go to Personalization>Lock Screen and select ‘Windows Spotlight’ from the background drop-down to enable Windows Spotlight. It will get a new Windows Spotlight image for your lock screen.

This second method will not interfere with your preferences for the images you’re shown. It takes a little longer to execute compared to the first method but it’s doesn’t have side effects.


  1. A setting for *change the lock screen image (taken from Windows Spotlight) every X number of days*
    So that you could control exactly how long an image would stay on your lock screen for.
    When the period of time passed, your system would take the newest image from Windows Spotlight.
    Because sometimes you get an image you like, but don’t want it to change as quickly as Windows Spotlight seems to.

  2. The second worked when I select Picture as wallpaper then I sign out and sign in and then set wallpaper back to Windows Spotlight.

  3. Option 2 didn’t work… after turning it off, locking then putting Windows Spotlight back on the same image that has been on there for months now returned.

  4. Once you’ve used the ‘like it’ ‘don’t like it’ choice, you don’t get to see it again for the same image. So that’s of no use if the image stays up for multiple days. Turning it off and then on again does not give a new picture, just the same one as before. So, not very useful tips.

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