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Fix ‘Your Payment Method Was Declined’ Error In App Store

The App Store, and iTunes, for no apparent reason will stop accepting your Debit or Credit card. A card that you previously had no trouble using to purchase apps, songs, or movies will stop working and the App Store simply tells you ‘Your payment method was declined’. It then asks you to update your billing information. Doing so will, on occasion, fix the problem. If updating your billing information doesn’t fix the ‘Your payment method was declined’ error, you’re at a dead end. The App Store and iTunes doesn’t provide any further direction but here are a few things you can try.

Basic Checks

First, lets’ get the absolute obvious out of the way. Make sure;

  1. Your card is valid and well within its expiry date.
  2. You’ve updated your billing information and it is accurate.
  3. We assume this is a card that’s worked before. If it’s brand new, consider calling your bank to confirm it will work or is authorized for online purchases. A new card might need to be explicitly authorized before it can be used to make online purchases.
  4. Make sure you have money in your account. You should, ideally, have just a little over the amount you want to buy. For example, if you want to buy a $0.99 app, make sure you have at least $5 or $10 in your account.
  5. Make sure there are no transaction limits on your card or bank account. If you’ve already exceeded the limit for the day, you might not be able to make a purchase.
  6. Try at two different times in the day to make a purchase. The error might be on your bank’s server side.

If you’ve gone through the above checks but are still getting the ‘Your Payment Method Was Declined’ error, it’s time to try something different.

Purchase Through iTunes

Try purchasing the app or paying your subscription from iTunes. If that doesn’t work, and iTunes declines the payment method as well, go back to your iOS device.

Remove and Add Credit/Debit Card

Open the App Store app. On the Featured tab, scroll down and tap your Apple ID. Select ‘View Apple ID’. Tap ‘Payment Information’ on the ‘Account’ screen.

We assume you’ve already updated your billing information once and it didn’t work. On the following screen, tap ‘None’ under the ‘Payment Type’ section. It’s at the very top. Select ‘None’ and allow your billing information to be wiped clean. The address will stick around but that isn’t a problem.


Next, sign out of the App Store and sign in again. Add your payment method again and then purchase the app you wanted to download. It ought to work this time around.

This is a method I tested out myself after getting the ‘Your payment method was declined’ error for months on end. It solved the problem within minutes however, it may not work for everyone. This is by no means the only solution out there but it’s the one I’ve personally tested with success.

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