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Get Extra Layer Of Internet Security & Protection In Windows 7

Even though Microsoft is working on Security Essentials, Windows 7 does not have a default antivirus. You will obviously find Windows Firewall, but it will only protect your computer from basic threats. So what will you do to better protect your newly installed Windows 7? If you are like me, who loves simplicity and ease-of-use, then Comodo Internet Security would be the best choice.

Installation takes a little while, just make sure you have unchecked all junk toolbar checkboxes. A restart is required before you are able to fully utilize Internet Security and Antivirus. One of the first thing you will need to do is update the virus definitions and also perform a full system scan, just to make sure that your system is virus-free.

comodo internet security

You can see the summary from the main window, on the bottom-right sidebar you will find all network traffic activities. On the middle-right sidebar you will find summary of which applications are active and which one are waiting for your approval. If you are on the network, then you will have to first approve the network connection before being able to share files over it.

comodo internet security firewall detected

What makes it great is that it is fully compatible with Windows Action Center, which means that it integrates just fine. As you can see in the screenshot below, it asks me to update the Antivirus reports.

action center comodo

You will find five different tabs on the main window – Summary, Antivirus, Firewall, Defense+, and Miscellaneous. In the Antivirus tab you will find some common tasks, such as, Run Scan, Schedule Scan, Quarantined Items, and many other settings.

run comodo antivirus scan windows 7

In Firewall tab you will find all options related to Firewall, such as, View Events, Trusted Applications, Define Blocked App, Add Port, Manage Network Zones, and much more.

comodo firewall active connections

You will find more useful options in Defense+ and Miscellaneous, check the screenshots below of each one of them. Did I mention that you can also protect/block any files?

comodo defense windows 7

One thing that I likes most is that you can enable Parental controls which gives user full control and at the same time better secures your computer.

comodo parental controls windows 7

If you want to disable or change the configuration of Antivirus, Firewall, or Defense+, you can do so directly from the system tray.

Download Comodo Internet Security

According to the website, it works on Windows XP and Windows Vista, but we were able to successful test it on Windows 7 x64. Enjoy!

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  • Technitrox

    Comodo firewall with Avast or Avira would give you a better security.