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How To Get Skip Ahead Windows 10 Insider Builds

The Skip Ahead ring that gets newer builds compared to the Fast Ring isn’t easy to join. Slots open up without any warning and are quick to close. It isn’t easy getting a Skip Ahead build even if you don’t download it directly via Windows Update. There is no way to shoe yourself into the Skip Ahead ring however, if you’re willing to tweak the Windows registry a bit, you get Skip Ahead Windows 10 insider builds via Windows updates.

You need a PC that is already running an insider build. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the fast ring or the slow ring but you must not be on the release channel. You must also be signed into your Microsoft account and this account must be registered with the Insider Program. Last, since you’re going to edit the registry, make sure you have administrative rights on the system.

Skip Ahead Windows 10

Open the Windows Registry by typing regedit in the run dialog box. Confirm that you want to allow the program to make changes to the system when the prompt appears on your screen.

There are about four values in the registry you need to change. For the first two changes, navigate to the following location in the Windows Registry.


Here, look for a String called “UIContentType”. Double click it, and set its value to “Skip”. Next, look for a String called “UIRing” and set its value to “WIF”.

Now, move to the following location in the Windows Registry;


Here, look for a String named “ContentType” and set its value to “Skip”. Next, look for a string called “Ring” and set its value to Skip. That’s about it. For good measure, restart your system.

Download Build

After you restart your system, open the Settings app and go to the Update and Security group of settings. Here, check for a Windows update. If there is a new build available for users on Skip Ahead, it will begin to download.

We should mention that some major features in Skip Ahead builds are subject to A/B testing so simply getting the ISO won’t be enough to gain access to them. You may, or may not see them. It’s possible that after you install a Skip Ahead build, your registry settings revert back to those for the Slow or Fast ring in which case you will need to make the changes again.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean you’re in the Skip Ahead ring. This only gives you access to Skip Ahead Windows 10 Insider Builds.


  1. Sorry not working after the install of the build in skip ahead the windows is restoring its previous version idk why

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