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How to get two subtitles in VLC player on Windows 10

We often say that there isn’t a feature you can name that a video player should have and VLC player doesn’t have. This is mostly true but there are exceptions. If you need to display two subtitles in VLC player, you’re going to find the app comes up short. That said, there is a work around to this but it’s clumsy and you might eventually decide to go with a different app altogether to get the job done.

Two subtitles in VLC

In order to get this to work you need to first download your subtitle files. The first file you will load natively via VLC’s built-in feature. The second one will be loaded via a VLC plugin and it has to have the exact same name as the video that you’re playing.

Plugin and app

Download the Subtitler lite mod v1.3 extension for VLC. Extract the file and then move it to the following location on your system to install it.


Download the Key Presser app from Softpedia and run it.

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get to the clumsy part about displaying two subtitles in VLC. Open the video you want to play and use VLC player’s built-in option to play the initial subtitle file.

Now, go to View>Subtitle Lite on the toolbar. This will open a small window that you will find you cannot move anywhere. This small window has a Refresh button that needs to be clicked constantly so that it will load the second subtitle file. This is something you have to automate which is where the Key Presser app comes in.

Run Key Presser and from the app list dropdown, select Subtitle Lite. In the Key field, select Enter from the dropdown. In the Time Interval field, enter 100ms. You might need to play with the value a bit but start out with 100 and then work your way down. Click Start and make sure the Subtitle Lite window is the active window on your screen.

The second subtitle file will load and Subtitle Lite will be refreshed constantly by Key Presser so that the subtitles are loaded as the video plays.

At present, you won’t be able to watch the video since the Subtitle Lite window is in the middle and it can’t be moved. Use the Win+Left arrow keyboard shortcut to snap VLC to the left and snap Subtitle Lite to the right when prompted. Resize VLC so that it takes up maximum space and Subtitle Lite takes up just a bit on the side. Make sure it’s the active window. It should look like the screenshot below. It is, as promised, a mess.

If you want a video player that does this without any trouble, give PotPlayer or KMPlayer a shot.

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