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Give A Custom Color And Tone To Windows 7 Aero With Aero Tuner

One of the most exhilarant feature of Windows 7 at the time of its introduction was the stylish Aero Glass Effect. Despite the fact that it adds eye candy for users, it does not provide a lot of tweaking options. AeroTuner is a portable application that gives a custom color and tone to Windows Aero. It provides options for changing the look of Windows Aero, such as selecting custom colors for the primary Aero color and a glow color. It does so by allowing to change the DWM parameters separately without DWM restarting. With Aero Tuner, users can change tweak color balance, blur balance, after glow color balance and Aero stripes.

There are several ways by which you can make changes to the Windows Aero effect with this app. You can either tweak a pre-selected Aero color by managing the color balance, glow, blur and Aero strip appearance. Or choose a preffered color to give a unique look to Windows Aero.


Click on Main Color and Glow Color to choose a primary and glow color for Aero. Then, move the sliders to manage the color balance, Aero stripes, etc . After you are done making the changes, click on Save to apply the changes. The changes can be undone anytime by clicking on the Restore button.

Main Color

You can also go back to the default Aero view by going to the Personalize option (by right clicking on the desktop) and selecting any of the default Aero color.

Aero Tuner Effects

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