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Hack: Google Talk, Picasa, Chrome Password Recovery

Google Password Decryptor is a powerful tool that can decrypt the passwords of popular Google desktop applications in Windows. Google uses a special algorithm to encrypt and store the saved passwords so that users don’t need to enter the password over and over again.

Google Password Decryptor hacks and decrpyts the saved passwords of various Google desktop applications and reveals them in a simple list view. The supported apps are Google Talk, Picasa, Desktop Search, GMail Notifier, and Chrome. It can also display stored passwords of Google in Internet Explorer.

This could be useful for those who might have forgotten their passwords, but otherwise if someone else gets hold of your computer consider your passwords stolen! And I thought Google encryption algorithm was un-hackable, not anymore.

Just load up the utility and hit Start Recovery button. The Google Account Name along with the passwords will be shown instantly in the main window.

Google Password Decryptor

This utility is a stark reminder why everyone should keep their computers locked and protected at all times. Since it is a portable utility, anyone with access to your computer can check the passwords.

Please note that it only shows saved passwords. If the passwords are not saved then Google does not store them on the computer, therefore are not hackable.

Download Google Password Decryptor

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