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Hide Taskbar With Hotkey [Windows]

Sometimes while using full screen application or other dock programs which apparently takes up full screen, task bar seems to be bit annoying in that particular case. Taskbar Eliminator is a small utility built solely to instantly hide the taskbar. It sits in the system tray and can be quickly toggled on & off through a hotkey, providing smooth sliding of taskbar in & out & flexibility along.

To begin, launch the app, on running it first time it would quickly hide the taskbar, leaving user bit worried as to how bring the taskbar back. Alt+T hotkey will show it again. For configuring it’s settings, right-click the app in system tray to select Preferences. Here you can add this utility in startup, in order to quickly hid the taskbar on system logon.


Since Windows 7 does not have a default feature to hide the taskbar permanently with a hotkey, this app comes handy. Windows does however have an option to hide the taskbar temporarily, which is displayed again when the pointer moves to the taskbar area.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. We tested it on system running Windows 7 32bit-OS.

Download Taskbar Eliminator


  1. I love this third-party program but there are still some problems, it lies when you open the task manager and the taskbar comes back up again.

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