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HotkeyP – Assign Keyboard Hotkeys & Macro Commands To Perform Any Task

HotkeyP is a portable application to create macro commands and assign hotkey combinations in order to perform almost any kind of task, such as, open files, run applications, shut down, log off or restart your PC, change windows opacity, simulate mouse actions and so on. HotkeyP also supports multimedia keys for assigning commands (for keyboard which may have multimedia keys). For example, you can select a game, assign a hotkey combination to the executable followed by a command to simulate a mouse movement to the hotkey, as you might find it more convenient to automate the game action rather than using the mouse. You can edit any command and hotkey combination, assign certain process priority and set to automatically run at Windows startup.

The mapped hotkeys and commands are displayed on the main application window, along with a description and the names of each category to which they are assigned.  To add a hotkey, click Add.


A new window will open where you have to select a directory containing the application, choose a hotkey combination and configure additional options, such as, setting the process priority, window direction when hotkey is executed (maximized or minimized) and opacity. Custom names can be added for each category to help you identify the hotkey/command from the main interface (on the right-hand side corner).

Hot Key

Make sure you also select a command type to be executed. For example, you might want to shutdown the system after executing a hotkey combination which closes a particular application. Likewise, you can set Macro commands to activate a window, simulate mouse actions such as when playing games. For example, if you assign CTRL+M to Firefox, then select command  “Maximize Window” to maximize it when this hotkey is used.


HotkeyP is an open source application which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download HotkeyP


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