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How To Download and Watch Dvdrip Movies With Subtitles

I have a little hearing problem which makes it a little difficult understanding what actors are talking in the movie. I usually see every movie with English subtitles, so when I don’t understand the dialogues, I can read them. This is very helpful for both ordinary people and hearing impaired people, I have seen people who can hear and understand the dialogues but still prefer to use subtitles so that they don’t miss a single dialogue.

Since I watch every movie with subtitles, many people have been asking me the best and easiest way to add it. So today I will share a post on how to download and add subtitles in Dvdrip movies.

Downloading Dvdrip Movies and Subtitles

I usually download Dvdrip movies from 2 uploaders, FXG and aXXo. Many people are familiar with aXXo calling him a legend, but I will recommend FXG for some movies which aXXo has not released so far(such as IronMan).

  • Movies uploaded by FXG can be found here
  • Movies uploaded by aXXo  can be found here

Subtitles are not embedded in these movies as default, they are available as a separate file. FXG usually uploads the subtitle(.srt) file along with the movie in a single torrent, while aXXo uploads subtitles separately which can be downloaded from here.

Installing The Media  Player

Dvdrip movies are in .avi format, which many media players run poorly. I will recommend VLC media player, which plays every video format without a glitch.

Installation is quite easy, make sure that you install all contents of VLC player, some of them can be helpful in the future.

After the installation is complete, run the media player, it will look something like this.


Adding The Subtitle In the Movie

After finding and downloading the subtitles, make sure that both movie and subtitle file are in the same folder.


Before you play the movie, open the VLC player and navigate to Settings > Preferences.


Now on the left sidebar navigate to Video > Subtitles/OSD.


Click Browse and then locate your subtitle file and click Open and then click Save in the preferences box. Now close the VLC player and then play your movie with VLC player and you will see the subtitles displaying with the movie.

If the subtitle is not displaying, right click on the screen and navigate to Subtitle track and then select Track 1.


I hope this tutorial helps, if you need to ask any question, leave a comment and I will hit you back.

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