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How To Fix ‘No OpenGL Context’ Error When Running Minecraft In Windows 10

Minecraft is a game that isn’t resource hungry. Unless you heavily mod it, it isn’t going to need a very high end graphics card to run although the game might be sluggish on an older system. In Windows 10, you have two different types of installers for playing Minecraft. One is the usual Java based installer that we’ve been using for ages, and the second is the Windows Edition you can download from the Windows Store. The Windows Edition is still in Beta so users are more likely to stick to the Java based version. The Java version is slightly problematic though. Windows 10 users who upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 might be unable to play the game. They get the ‘No OpenGL Context’ error when trying to play the game. Here’s how to fix it.

As a result of this error, Minecraft freezes at the loading screen, will not let you sign in, or the launcher simply doesn’t start.

This error is a result of the Java version you have running. It is occurring, strange as it sounds, because you’re running the latest version of Java. There appears to be a bug where Minecraft won’t run if you have Jave 8 Upgrade 60 running. This bug doesn’t necessarily effect everyone but it does effect a large number of users.

Users most likely try to fix the problem by making sure they have the latest Java installed, and then repeatedly uninstalling and installing it again. This actually makes it worse. Instead you need to

  1. Uninstall Java from your system
  2. Look for the Java 8 Upgrade 51 installer and install it
  3. Minecraft will now run smoothly

Try running Minecraft without any mods after you’ve downgraded the Java version. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Downgrading to the older version of Java will solve quite a variety of errors including Minecraft telling you your graphics card and video drivers need to to be updated as well as the ‘Pixel format not accelerated’ error.

This errors appear to occur exclusively on Windows 10. Windows 8 users have nothing to worry about. On the off chance that you’re running Windows 8 and get the error, this same method should fix it. If downgrading to Java 8 upgrade 51 doesn’t fix the problem, downgrade to a lower/older version.

via Mojang

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