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Easy Way To Hide Files In Windows 7

Let’s admit it, everyone of us has something to hide on our PCs. There may be files or folders that you want to keep from friends or family members, or from the eyes of prying coworkers. While encryption can be a solution, implementing it is certainly neither easy nor convenient. Hiding date temporarily using Windows’ ‘hidden’ attribute can be a huge help, but imagine the trouble of locating each file first, changing the attribute to hide, and then enabling hidden file viewing to unhide these files. Not easy at all.

Hidden File Manager is a very lightweight tool that makes this task very easy and simple. This software tracks your specified files or folders and allows hiding/unhiding with ease. Please note that this is not an encryption tool but simply changes the hidden attribute for the files marked.

Hidden File Manager

The software works with a drag-and-drop interface for addition of files. Once added, the software will continue to monitor these files/directories, and checked items will be hidden in Windows Explorer. You may select or deselect all items using the buttons provided.

Hidden File Manager Effect

There is a privacy mode available as well as a search function. In privacy mode, none of the items is displayed except the ones you search for. When you exit the tool, your last selected mode will be saved.

Hidden File Manager worked good in our test on Windows 7.

Download Hidden File Manager

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