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How To Increase Workspace Using Virtual Desktop Applications For Windows Vista/XP

Editor’s Note: You will need a very powerful or at least semi powerful computer to run virtual desktop applications smoothly, and yes plenty of free disk space too.

Virtual desktops are useful in a way that they provide extra desk space to place your applications. You can easily move your Windows from one workspace to another and sort them according to their functionality and if you constantly find your desktop cluttered and overloaded with programs and browser windows then a virtual desktop manager might be the solution for you. Virtual desktops are handy if you want to keep different tasks and programs separated. They are quite common on Mac and Linux computers. It may take some time but once you get used to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow. So if you’re up for it, below are some of the better Windows desktop managers out there:


 VirtuaWin is a a virtual desktop manager that lets you move application windows and icons between desktops.Thus it increases a user’s ability to organize their windows based applications and thereby reduce clutter. VirtuaWin can support up to 9 different Virtual desktops, allowing users to run many applications in separate desktop profiles.

It has a pretty straight forward setup process, with a simple GUI for desktop configuration and simplifies the desktop switching task, by providing an option to assign hotkeys. VirtuaWin is very simple and elegant to use, yet it is highly configurable and extensible.


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Download [ VirtuaWin ]


Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager

Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager is one of the best virtual desktop manager around. It can support unlimited virtual desktops as long as your system has enough resources to support it. It has a nice and easy to use interface. Transition from desktop to desktop is smooth and you are able to set a different wallpaper for each desktop. This is useful for identifying which desktop you are in. Due to its graphical performance, this application will take up slightly more Ram and Hard Disk space, so make sure you have plenty of both.



Download [ Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager ]



Dexpot is an easy to use and fast desktop manager that makes managing multiple desktops very easy. It’s my favorite desktop manager and comes with plenty of useful features. When it comes to virtual desktops, the most important feature is the ease of switching between desktops. The easier and faster the switching, the better it is. Dexpot offers a number of ways to switch between desktops, including keyboard shortcuts Alt+1/2/3/4 or using the ‘Desktop Manager’ located on top of the Windows taskbar.




Download [ Dexpot ]


What’s your favorite virtual desktop manager in Windows? Let us know by your comments.

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