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How To Install Group Policy Management In Windows 7

The Group Policy Management  is a great tool from Microsoft, which lets you manage your own domain based network. If you are a network administrator or you are managing a small network at home then you are probably familiar with the Active Directory and Group Policy Management (GPM) as they both work together and help in managing your network infrastructure.

Don’t confuse the Local Group Policy (gpedit) with Group Policy Management, Gpedit is used to work with the registry settings of your local system while Group Policy Management is a server administration tool and is used in the context to Domain based network. The Group Policy Management  falls into the Remote Server Administration category, and Remote Server Administration tools are not installed in Windows 7 by default.

First of all download and install the Windows Remote Server Administration Tools from here, once the download and installation of this toolkit is completed, go through the following guidelines to enable it.

Open the Windows Features window by clicking Start, then type Turn Windows features on or off and then hit Enter. Once the Widows Features window is loaded, navigate to the Remote Server Administration Tools and here enable the Group Policy Management Tools.


It will take some time to apply these changes.


Now click Start, type gpmc.msc and hit Enter, the Group Policy Management Editor will be loaded and you are ready to go with your Domain based network.

Group Policy Management Console


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