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How To Jailbreak Microsoft Surface & Other Windows RT Tablets

You heard it right – the jailbreak for Windows RT is finally here! While the jailbreak method itself was initially found a few days back by XDA member clrokr, it was by no means an easy task for an average Joe to use it, as it involved manually overriding kernel code in memory. Thanks to another XDA veteran netham45, we now have a much easier solution in the form of RT Jailbreak Tool that makes the jailbreak process simple for everyone. With Microsoft Surface already out there and several other Windows RT tablets being released these days, this is definitely a breakthrough development and might even trigger more sales for the platform, especially among enthusiasts and power users. Such an opportunity would open the gateway for the homebrew community to build unsigned desktop apps for Windows RT devices but as of now, the main purpose of the jailbreak is to allow users to run ports of existing desktop apps compiled for RT’s ARM architecture.


Since Windows RT doesn’t allow execution of third-party EXE files due to its ARM architecture and restrictions set by Microsoft, the jailbreak tool relies on a BAT file. You just need to run the BAT file, follow some on-screen instructions and that’s it. So without any further ado, let’s get on with it.

Disclaimer: AddictiveTips team won’t be held responsible if the tool causes any harm to your device, including corrupt OS files, Windows malfunctioning or even temporary/permanent device bricks, so proceed at your own risk.

First off, extract the content of the downloadable ZIP file into a directory and rename the directory according to your liking, for instance, ‘Easy Jailbreak Tool’ as demonstrated in the screenshot below. You’d need a Modern UI file archive app such as 8 Zip for file extraction, or you can simply download the file on your PC, extract its content and then copy that folder to your tablet.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Step 1

Next, open that folder and execute the ‘runExploit’ file. Upon launch, the tool will automatically start the jailbreak process and all you need is follow some self-explanatory onscreen instructions, and confirm a few prompts.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Step 2

When the jailbreak process brings up the Developer License window, tap ‘I Agree’ to continue, after which you will need to log in to your Microsoft account to obtain the developer license.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Step 3

Simply enter your Microsoft account ID (or email) and password, and tap ‘Sign In’. After a few seconds into the process, another dialog pops up confirming the successful transfer of developer license. When it does, simply tap Close.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Step 4

Later, when the tool asks whether you want to continue with the process, press Y followed by the Enter key to continue. When the tool prompts that the package was successfully installed, simply hit Enter.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Step 5

Next, press the Volume Down button on your tablet when asked by the tool, to finish the jailbreak process.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Step 6

To confirm whether everything went as it should, look for ‘Get Kernel Base’ tile on the Start Screen. It should be noted that the jailbreak will reset if you reboot the device. In such case, you just need to run the BAT file again and press Volume Down when prompted. However, all the other aforementioned steps don’t need to be repeated each time, unless you remove the Modern UI Get Kernel Base app.

Surface RT Jailbreak_Kernal Base

Congratulations, you have just jailbroken your Windows RT tablet! Feel free to leave a comment below if you run into a problem.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. I’m having a little problem with this on my Surface, it doesn’t ask for the dev license and just goes to the volume down and no get kernel base is present

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