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How to play Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft can be played in single-player mode but it has, and is more popular for its multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, players can play in a collective, online world and massive worlds can be created online. 

play Minecraft Multiplayer

Play Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft multiplayer is available on all platforms. You can play on online servers or you can play over a LAN. With a LAN, all players must be connected to the same network to play. With online servers, players can join from anywhere in the world as long as they know which server to join.

Play Minecraft Multiplayer – Online server

In order to join an online server you need two things;

  • The server address: this is an IP address
  • A port number for the server
  • The version of Minecraft that is running on the server: it should be consistent or compatible with the version of Minecraft that you’re running. This information should be included with the server’s name.

To join a server, follow these steps.

  1. Open Minecraft. 
  2. Click Play.
  3. Select the Servers tab.
  4. Click Add Server.
  5. Enter a name for the server.
  6. Enter the server address.
  7. Enter the port.
  8. Click Play.
  9. The game will establish a connection with the server and you will be able to join it.

Play Minecraft Multiplayer – LAN Game

You can host a game on your own system and open it up to other players on the LAN. You can also host this game on a Realms Server but Realms is a paid service. You can open any game up to the LAN or create a new game. On the bedrock/Windows 10 version of Minecraft, all games are open to LAN by default. On the Java version, you have to turn the feature on.

  1. Open Minecraft.
  2. Select a world or create a new one.
  3. On the world settings, scroll down to Multiplayer.
  4. Turn the Multiplayer Game switch On.
  5. Turn the Visible to LAN Players switch on.
  6. The game will not be visible to other Minecraft players.
  7. To join the game, go to Play.
  8. Select the LAN world and you’ll be able to join it.


If you’re having trouble connecting to an online server, check if it is online. Most servers tend to stay online 24/7 but not all. Double-check to make sure the server is running. You will usually see a server status indicator where the server address is posted. If the server is offline, you won’t be able to join it. If you’re unable to join a LAN world, check your firewall settings. They should be set to allow Minecraft to communicate over a public and private network. 

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