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How To Reverse (Normal) Scrolling Direction On Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface’s biggest selling point is how – at least according to Microsoft – it combines the best of laptops and tablets. It’s the Touch / Type Cover that bridges this gap, letting you touch-type at fast speeds for high productivity.

Now, these magnetically attached Covers use the same kind of scrolling as it does on the touchscreen: you swipe up if you want to go down, left to go right, so on and so forth. If you happen to not like this, “rilot” over on XDA Developers has discovered how to go back to traditional scrolling on the Touch Cover for Surface. We’ve discussed how you can do this on your own Surface after the jump.

Enable Reverse Normal Scrolling Microsoft Surface


  • A program for decompressing compressed files. For Windows RT, we recommend 8-zip.
  • SurfaceCoverScrollFlip.zip (direct link) which contains the files necessary for applying the “hack”.

Instructions for Touch Cover

  1. Extract the contents of SurfaceCoverScrollFlip.zip. You will find two REG files inside it: TouchCoverFlipped.reg and TouchCoverDefaults.reg
  2. Double click TouchCoverFlipped.reg. You will see a pop-up window from User Account Control and Registry Editor. Click on Yes for both to add the REG file to your Registry.
  3. Detach your Touch Cover. Reattach it.

Normal scrolling will now be activated on your Surface RT’s Touch Cover. If you wish to go back to default settings, simply double click on TouchCoverDefaults.reg to add default values to your registry.

Instructions for Type Cover

  1. For Type Cover, you need to search for “Device Manager” from Window Search (be sure to search for Settings, not for Apps which is selected by default).
  2. Click on “Mice and other Pointing Devices”, then right-click on HID-Compliant Mouse > Properties
  3. Switch to the “Details” tab. Choose “Hardware Ids” from the drop-down menu for Property.
  4. Observe the first line in the “Value” box. The bit after “HID\” is the key for your Type Cover. Note it down.
  5. Search for “regedit” from Windows Search. Launch it.
  6. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\HID\<your Type Cover key here>\4&365f1178&0&0001\Device Parameters”
  7. You will now see a registry key called “FlipFlopScroll” on the right side. Right click > Edit. Change its value to 1.
  8. Additionally, you may change the value of “FlipFlopHScroll” to 1 if you wish horizontal scrolling to be reversed too.
  9. Detach and reattach your Type Cover.

You can go back to default settings by simply reverting back from 1 to the initial values in Steps 7 and 8.

If you have any queries, please visit the official thread over on XDA Developers from the link below.

[via XDA-Developers]

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