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How To Share Speaker Between Multiple Computers Over A Network

There are many articles asking you to connect some wires between multiple computers in order to share a single speaker, but you actually don’t have to do it. Share Speaker Player is a cool utility that lets you play music on a speaker connected to any computer through the network. All you have to do is install and run this tool on your computer and the computer to which the speaker is connected.tr

You can start playing music by following two simple steps: add the music you want to play and select the computer on the network where you want it to play. The name of the computer which has this tool running will be automatically shown in the list.

share speaker player

It supports all kind of formats that are available in Windows Media Player and is dead simple to use. No additional network setup needs to be done, everything is automatic. It sits quietly in the system tray and takes very less system resources. Sadly this tool is a shareware and the trial is available for 90 days period only(3 months). Enjoy!

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