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How To Speed Up Windows XP Boot Time

Do you want to speed up the boot time of Windows XP because its too slow? You are not alone, this is the first problem everybody try to solve. The time it takes to boot up Windows XP is the most tiring process that no one likes.

BootVis is a software developed by Microsoft specifically for the purpose of speeding up the boot time of your Windows XP operating system. BootVis was originally made for testing the boot time and then to optimize it so that it takes less than 30 seconds to boot up even on a low-spec computer. This tool is no longer available on Microsoft’s website but you can download it from here.

Once you run the software it will seem complicated at first, but is quite easy to use actually.

bootvis home screen

Now Simply go to Trace and click Next Boot + Driver Delays. Once you click it, a Trace Repitition dialog box will pop up, ignore these settings and click OK.

Now your system will restart automatically and once it’s done, the program will load up after a while and eventually pop-up in the end showing the performance charts.

bootvis performance chart

Now go to Trace and click Optimize System.

optimize system

Doing so, will restart your computer again. Once it’s done you will see a pop up box as shown in the screenshot below.

optimizing for boot performance

Wait for a few minutes for the optimization. Once it’s done, you will see your operating system booting up faster than before. Enjoy!


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