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How To Turn Your PC Into A Hotspot For Your WiFi Connection [Windows]

Smartphones make it exceptionally easy to turn a data connection into a hotspot for others to connect to. If nothing else you can use it to connect your laptop to the internet. Turning your PC into a hotspot is a different story though. It’s entirely possible but not as easy as it is on your phone. If you’re looking for the simplest and quickest way to turn your Windows PC into a hotspot, Hosted Network Options is the way to do it. It’s a free Windows app that will let you turn your system into a hotspot with little to no effort required.

Download Hosted Network Options and run it. It comes in an installer and portable version. Click the Play button at the top to configure the hotspot. You must of  course be connected to a WiFi network. In the Hosted Network Options window, enter the name of your network and its password. That’s really all it takes to get the hotspot going and once you click ‘Start’ the hotspot will be active.

Hosted Network Options

Hosted Network Options lets you choose which device you allow connections to come through. You can route them through your ethernet port, through your PC’s WiFi adapter, or through a Bluetooth connection. To set how a device connects to your PC, select the ‘Share the internet and the network from the following connection’ option and from the drop-down, select which port you want to allow connections to come through.

Hosted Network Options is a pretty simple way to turn your PC into a hotspot. It’s ridiculously easy to set up and given there is a portable version of the app, it’s all the easier to use. Hosted Network Options is available for Windows 7 and up.

Download Hosted Network Options


  1. I use OSToto Hotspot to creat Wifi hotspot. It is works great on my computer. I’ve been using it for almost a year. Recommend.

  2. I quite like using mHotspot for this and have been using it for the past year or so. Much better than most alternatives.

  3. What’s the advantage of making my PC into a hotspot and running other devices through it as opposed to just running the other devices directly to the Internet just as my PC does?

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