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HyperTrace Is GUI Alternative Of Windows tracert Command

Windows tracert is a CLI based network diagnostic tool which helps system admins trace route for a given network location. It also shows the time it takes to traverse each machine with its IP address to calculate the total access time for defined host. If you find it tedious to open CMD (Command Line Interpreter) every time just to trace the route for a certain network locations, HyperTrace is a solid pick. It’s a GUI alternative to tracert command which lets you quickly trace route. Unlike tracert, HyperTrace quickly provides the trace route information along with data packet loss details to help users resolve the connectivity issues. It displays network hops, machine names with their location, response time, and route TTL.


In server-client or server-member server-client network architecture, network admins often need to resolve hosts by checking the total time a request takes to reach the remote machine. Using HyperTrace, network administrators can enter the remote PC’s IP address to check whether the host is reachable or not. This comes useful in instances where you have to find out the average ping time for servers and member servers in your network.

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According to developer, HyperTrace is 20x faster than Windows native tracert command and other traceroute applications. Furthermore, you won’t need to select Edit –> Mark from CMD menu to copy the trace route results. Once it’s finished tracing the route, click Copy to move the results to Windows clipboard. HyperTrace works on both client and server editions of Windows.

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