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Identify Processes Hindering Removable Media Ejection With Dev Eject

Many a time, when a user attempts to securely eject a USB drive, an error message pops up on the screen, alerting that the device cannot be ejected as it is in use. In such a case, it can be hard to identify which processes might be using the USB device, and therefore, it becomes a bit tedious to individually identify and close each running process. Dev Eject is a handy tool designed to resolve this problem. It allows you to control the removable devices connected to your computer, and displays the running process which may be hindering the safe removal of the device.

Whenever you have a problem closing a removable device or require viewing active processes, open Dev Eject and click Locks or Eject option.

Main interface

This will display the available process which need to be closed before you are able to safely remove a USB device.


You can enable Dev Eject to start at system start up, set default click action for system tray icon (Open Settings or Short device list), enable a time frame for checking for updates and enable logging from Settings.


Dev Eject works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Dev Eject

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  1. A much better option is to use ‘USB Safely Remove’ software..
    It not only simplifies the task of ejecting removable media, but also identifies the process hindering the ejection, and also provides option to either ‘forcefully eject media’ or ‘force stop’ the process..

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