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Indo Cleaner 2009 – Clear Most Recently Used Lists In Windows 7

Almost all applications whether it is a browser or any word processing software, manages the list of its recently used/accessed items. For security purpose it is always vital that you should hide the traces of your activity on your computer. Indo Cleaner is a free, light-weight tool which consumes minimum system resources and clears the MRU of Windows Explorer, Windows Applets, Web browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera), Windows Media Player, etc.

Another benefit of clearing the list is that it frees up plenty of disk space and thus results in better system performance. When loaded, it shows the list of applications for which you can clear the MRU, check those for which you wish to clear and hit the Next button.

Indo Cleaner Main

Indo Cleaner

Click Next to view the list of all the files, and then finally click Next to remove these files.

MRU List

Indo Cleaner Complete

Download Indo Cleaner 2009

It works on Windows 2000/2003 Server, XP, Vista and Windows 7. For more, also check out MRUClear. Enjoy!

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