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Integrate CD/DVD Burning In Windows Explorer With Explore&Burn

So you want to burn data or an ISO/IMG disc image quickly without having to run some 3rd party CD/DVD burner. Everyone knows the default ‘Burn To Disk’ right-click context menu feature in Windows is not very good at burning data and cannot even burn a disc image, so what’s left?

Expore&Burn is a free app for Windows that  integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu. It can burn any type of data including an ISO/IMG disc image in just two clicks. Just insert a writable CD/DVD, select the data or an ISO/IMG disc image, right-click it and select Burn To Disk or Burn Disk Image, depending on what type of data you have selected.

burn disc image windows context menu burn data disc windows context menu

Once done, a wizard will open where you can select the CD/DVD writer drive, burn speed and write the name of the disc.

explore and burn windows context menu

burning options windows context menu

When you have selected all options, click Next and it will begin burning to disc instantly.

burning cd dvd windows context menu

Screenshots above are taken from developer’s website.

It is that easy, no additional 3rd party tools are required. Now the only downside is that it doesn’t support burning of Blu-ray or HD-DVD yet, but this support can come out anytime. It works on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and is compatible with both 32x and 64x versions of OS.

Download Explore&Burn

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