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Check Internet Connectivity With NetSNSOR

NetSNSOR is a portable network application which checks for internet connectivity at selected intervals and notifies you instantly. If internet is connected, it displays a simple message stating that internet is connected and no action is taken. You can specify any file to be executed along with sound when internet is not connected. When no connectivity is found, it executes your specified file and plays the specified sound.Its a tiny application having a simple interface which is very easy to cope with. Status tab displays the current status of internet connection. Enter details tab lets you select specific files which will be executed when internet is disconnected. Go to Enter Details tab, hit the Browse button available at the end of each field and select files. Specify notification interval in minutes after which you want notifications about internet connectivity. You can specify the batch file so that internet can be auto re-connected with defined configuration, if it is found disconnected. Click on Save, and you are done.

After selected interval of checking if it detects internet dis-connectivity, it takes 30 seconds to recheck about internet state. If  internet is disconnected, it executes specified file along with specified sound. Consult the below displayed image as an example.

Its other salient features are:

  • It can be run in background
  • It saves log in Logs folder

This application comes handy in different situations, specially when you are downloading a large file and want to get notified whenever the internet disconnects. This saves time if the download estimate time is one hour and you return back only to find out that the download is only 40% complete because the internet disconnected without you knowing about it.

Update: Instead of a Disconnected.txt file you can set a batch file to automatically connect your internet whenever its disconnected. Instructions and a sample batch file is given with the application. Thanks Fabregas!

It runs on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download NetSNSOR

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