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iPadian Lets You Emulate iPad On Windows With Select Custom Apps

Ever wanted to bring iOS UI to Windows? If yes, then try iPadian. It is a Windows application that clones iOS user interface. It comes with a custom app store, complete with a few pre-installed iPad apps. With iPadian, you get support for full screen mode, access to resources which provide free music and videos, Webkit browser, Social Chat, Facebook notification support and much more.

iPadian-For-Windows 7

iPadian comes with a few extra options than iPad, and also excludes some major ones. For example, it contains an additional Facebook messages and notifications section on the right hand side corner, whereas it does not provide access to some native application features. The Videos app is replaced by a Movies icon which leads to a third-party website providing movie streaming for members. This is, of course, due to patent issues, as the developer obviously does not have rights to replicate or provide Apple products. Nonetheless, many applications which come pre-installed with iPadian work just fine.


iPadian provides a custom app store from where you can install some additional applications (other than the ones which come pre-installed with it). The right-side window enables you to access Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Gmail and Bing.


iPadian might not be a complete iPad emulator; still, it can be used to bring some applications and functionality of an iPad to your Windows desktop. This project is quite new, and it is likely to get better with newer versions. For now, it is a good way for Windows users to use some iPad features and applications with iPadian. iPadian is an  open source application, which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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  • Anonymous

    why on EARTH would anyone want to emulate the iPad piece of shit on a computer???!??! It’s bad enough there’s an actual iPad..we don’t need emulated ones

    • Botisandrei

      good question!! let me ask u another good question.
      Why the hell are you so stupid? tell us please

      • Anonymous

        How’d you figure that one out you apple fanboy shithead?

      • Anonymous

        How’d you figure that one out you apple fanboy shithead?

      • Clondike7

        Don’t feed the troll… no matter how perfectly articulated his question is presented.

        • Anonymous

          There we go in typical apple fanboy style…. “someone doesn’t like an apple product therefore he is a troll”.

          fucking pathetic apple fan boys you make me sick

          • Joshua

            Seriously? what’s your problem? I’m not a apple fan boy, but at least give the developers some respect, they spent time to develop these products. 

            you pathetic lifeless apple hater make me sick

    • just to prove that windows tablets can do anything.

  • Blueman

    I checked out the applications website and my enthusiasm fizzled. They should replace the website with this post from addictivetips.

  • Genady

    How can I turn off fullscreen mode? I need it for testing my websites with exact iPad size.

  • Genady

    How can I turn off fullscreen mode? I need it for testing my websites with exact iPad size.

  • Guest

    I want to test an ipad application on ipadian…How can i install my self made app on ipadian? I dont knwo how to use custome app store .. if that is what you want to suggest..can you help?


    • Dover8

      I also want to know this!

    • Guest

      not able to install itunes at least. One one have any idea about that?

  • iPadian is indeed a great app for simulating iOS apps on PC, whenever i want to have a feel of iOS on my PC, i launch my iPadian, and sometimes i surf the net via it and the experience is indeed awesome. Thanks for your post.

  • Kiki

    I downloaded this to play a game that is only available on ios, ipad or iphone. The download works, the game runs, but you can’t pause, use the game store, and it doesnt save your progress – so guess I agree with everyone. Waste of time.

  • JMPeRager (Michael)

    Would like it more if the screen wasn’t distorted and fucked up for me, but sure.