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iSpeaker – Convert iPhone Into Wireless Stereo Speaker Headset

Do you want to play a movie or music on the computer and listen to stereo audio on the iPhone or iPod Touch? Users can use this technique if they don’t want to disturb the neighbors or simply want the maximum ease when listening.

For example, you can play your favorite music playlist in any media player on the PC and listen to it on your iPhone/iPod Touch while you roam around the house, work on other stuffs, and so on(as long as you are in the WiFi range). How how does this technique work? Meet iSpeaker.

It is a dead-simple tool that requires installation on the computer only. During installation it will also install Phantom Audio Wave audio card driver, which is required for it to work properly. Once the installation is complete, head over to the Sound Options in Control Panel and make Phanombility Virtual Audio Device your default sound device.

Setting Sound Driver As Default

Once done, start the server by opening iSpeaker.

iSpeaker Server

Now start playing any media file on the computer. If the iPhone/iPod Touch is on the same WiFi and detects the iSpeaker Server over the WiFi, it will start playing the audio instantly. You will be able to see the Audio and Network transfer speed from the iSpeaker Server status bar. You can minimize it to the system tray and continue working on other activities.

Download iSpeaker

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. At the moment only 32-bit version of OS is supported. Enjoy!


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