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Know Who Left The Voicemail Message With Visual Voicemail Outlook 2007 Add-In

If you have subscribed to a voicemail service that sends you email notifications of voicemail messages, then you will know how frustrating it can get to know the person behind the voicemail message. Most people survive on guessing the name of the person behind the voicemail, but you don’t have to do it anymore.

Visual Voicemail Outlook 2007 Add-In is a dead-simple extension for Outlook 2007 that scans the incoming voicemail messages with your Outlook contacts to determine the person behind the voicemail. It can process voicemails from various services such as, Vonage, Comcast Digital Voice, YouMail, and the likes. Here is how the voicemail message looks like after it is processed using this add-in.

visual voicemail inbox outlook 2007

The screenshot above is taken from the developer’s product page.

With this add-in you can better keep your inbox clutter-free by prioritizing calls based on who’s calling.

Download Visual Voicemail Outlook 2007 Add-In

I have tested it under Outlook 2007 only. I can’t confirm if it works with Outlook 2010 as well. Enjoy!


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