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LocK-A-FoLdeR Is The Simplest Way To Password Protect Your Folders

Want to protect confidential data on your PC without much hassle? You can use encryption software to encrypt data, hide it from frequently visited locations, or protect it with a staunch password. Generally, there are only few folders which we want to protect from unauthorized external sources, therefore, using an advanced encryption software makes sense only if you don’t have a reliable password protection tool which ensures data protection. LocK-A-FoLder is a small open source security tool for highly confidential data folders. It applies password protection to prevent your data from being easily accesable. Moreover, locking and unlocking folders hardly take a few seconds. Once locked, it will automatically hide the folder and keep it concealed even when users enable Show all files and folders option in Windows Explorer.

As of now, LocK-A-FoLder can lock only 3 folders. You just have to specify the folders which are to be password protected and it will hide and lock them instantly. The application protects itself with master password, which is also used for unlocking folders. Usage is simple. Just launch the application and it will prompt you to enter master password. Once entered, the main interface will show up.

lock folder

Click Lock a Folder, enter master password and choose the folders over which password protection is to be applied. Once paths are specified, click Lock it! to protect them from any unauthorized usage.

lock folders

Likewise, from the main interface, you can unlock password protected folders after entering the master password. You can even select all the locked folders and unlock them in one go.

unlock 2

LocK-A-FoLfeR works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download LocK-A-Folder

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