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MahTweets – Customizable Twitter And Facebook Windows Desktop Client

MahTweets is the first ever desktop windows client that I have found to be totally customizable. It supports updates from Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, Identi.ca, and 12seconds. They are all offered as plugins, you can add them one by one from Options. There are also upload plugins which allows users to upload photos to Flickr, Twitgoo, TwitPic, and Yfrog.

It is a standalone opensource client that doesn’t require Adobe Air. It has been developed on Windows Presentation Foundation and .NET Framework 3.5. It also makes use of some features of the upcoming .NET Framework 4.0.


From the Status Headline tab you can choose if you want to get notification alerts. You will also find options to enable translation to English(using Bing API) and enable TweetSaver screensaver.

MahTweets Status

In General tab you will find additional options, most of which have to do with appearance and performance. You can also choose the URL shortner from here.

MahTweets Options

Once you have configured all settings, the main interface will open up where you can add as many groups as you want and customize the appearance according to your needs.

For every tweet there is an option for DM, Retweet, Favorite, and Reply. On the right side you will find options to Add New group, Upload Photos, Settings, and Take Snapshot from Webcam. Below them there are options to Refresh and Clear all Streams.

MahTweets main

Above every Group there are following options – Reverse order of column, Clear group, Edit group, and Delete group. On the status bar you will find the new updates for every stream(group) on the lower-right side you will find options to change the color.

In the screenshot below you can see how the Webcam Snapshot UI looks like. Notice the options on the left sidebar to update the display picture and also options to upload the image to web. These are given for Upload Photos feature as well which allows users to batch upload images.

mahtweets webcam

The developers have listed the following important features on their page.

  • Plugin Architecture
  • Inline Pictures
  • Tweet Splitting
  • Auto-Expand Shortened URLs
  • Filtering
  • Multiple Uploading Services

Download MahTweets

With so many advanced features, it takes almost 86MB of system memory and can go as high as 100MB. Unless you don’t have enough memory, don’t even think about trying it. If the developers can decrease the memory footprint by half, there is a high chance that it will become my default client.

If you are have enough CPU horsepower and system memory then you can give it a try. Enjoy!

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