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How to manage brightness for multiple monitors from the system tray on Windows 10

Working with multiple monitors is often complicated and you likely end up installing several apps in an attempt to make it easier to manage windows between them. Windows 10 makes it fairly easy to work with multiple monitors but when it comes to something as basic as managing brightness, you’ll find that it often fails to work with external monitors. There are quite a few utilities that let you control the brightness of an external monitor but Twinkle Tray is exceptional. It’s not just for an external monitor; it’s for all monitors. Think of the volume mixer on Windows 10, but for monitors. Here’s how it works.

Manager brightness for multiple monitors

Install Twinkle Tray from the Microsoft Store. The app runs in the system tray. Click the app icon and you will see brightness sliders for each monitor that’s connected to your system. You can change the brightness for all of them and, if you click the link button, you can make sure the brightness levels are synced between all your monitors. The crescent button will let you turn off all your displays.

If you go into the app’s settings, you will able to set a minimum and maximum brightness level for each monitor.

There are lots of apps that can control not just the brightness but also the contrast and saturation for multiple monitors, especially external ones. Twinkle Tray can only manage the brightness but it’s really easy to use and that’s the hook. The app takes a split second to update the brightness but it’s not that big a deal.

Twinkle Tray supports both the dark and light theme and you can set it to follow the same theme as the system one, or set a different theme for it.  If you like the app, it’s a good idea to allow it to run at startup. There’s a switch in the app’s settings that allow you to run it at startup.

The app changes the actual brightness of monitors, it does not change it cosmetically i.e., by adding a faux shade to the screen. The contrast does not change so with external monitors, the screen may not look right if you change the brightness drastically.

Windows 10 is great with multiple monitors but it could be better. This is a fairly basic feature that it should support especially considering that Windows is a popular gaming platform and gamers generally tend to use more than one monitor.

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  1. Thanks so much for this… really the app I needed. I can’t believe win10 doesn’t allow you to do that or the night light doesn’t apply to the second monitor.

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