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How to mass delete EXIF data from photos on Windows 10

EXIF data can often be a security risk, especially when it’s for photos. When people share photos, they’re careful to remove or obscure anything sensitive in it but they often tend to overlook the EXIF data that accompanies a photo file. Depending on the origin of the photos i.e., what device it was taken on, the EXIF data can be rather rich. If you’re on Windows 10 and looking for a simple way to mass delete EXIF data from Photos, look no further than File Explorer. It can do the job perfectly well.

Mass delete EXIF data from photos

To keep things neat and organized, it’s a good idea to move the photos that you want to mass delete EXIF data from, to a separate folder. The method we’re using is going to create copies of the photos that will be free of any and all EXIF data. The photo will otherwise be unchanged so you can delete the originals later if you want.

Select all the photos that you want to delete EXIF data from and right-click any one of them. Select Properties from the context menu.

In the Properties window that opens, go to the Details tab and click the ‘Remove Properties and Personal Information’ option at the very bottom. A new window called ‘Remove Properties’ will open.

This window gives you two options; create a copy of the selected photos with all EXIF data removed, or remove select EXIF data from the photos. The choice is yours but since we’re looking to delete the EXIF data, the option you should select is ‘Create a copy with all possible properties removed’. Click OK and a copy of the files will be created in the same folder. The word ‘Copy’ will be appended to the end of each file name to avoid creating duplicates.

After copies of the photo have been created, you can right-click one, select Properties, and go to the Details tab to see if there is any EXIF data left over. Generally, the date the file was created and modified will still be there but everything else including who took the photo, and the location data will be gone. The quality of the photos will be unchanged so you do not have to worry about ending up with a compressed photo.

This is a feature in File Explorer and you can use it to remove metadata from almost all files.

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