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Metro Sidebar Is Windows 8 Style Sidebar For Windows 7

It has become clear that Windows 8 will have a new user interface called Metro after Microsoft demoed the product. There have been third-part development efforts to replicate this Metro user interface in Windows 7. We have been reviewing a lot of such third-party applications like Mosaic and Metro Clock. Recently, we found another such application called Metro Sidebar. It brings the Windows 8 Metro user interface in the form of a sidebar for Windows 7. This sidebar comes with five different colors (blue, red, black, orange and green), which can be changed manually to match your current wallpaper. The Sidebar contains shortcuts to your favorite browser (either, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer) and displays used, available and total capacity of your primary volume, time and date, user account picture, and operating system version. Metro Sidebar has been developed by the same developer who formerly brought us the Tweak IE9 application.

When you launch the Metro Sidebar setup, the installation wizard prompts you to select a browser and color for the sidebar. These options can also be changed later on by selecting Settings from the system tray. A shortcut to the selected browser is displayed on the sidebar and the selected color is applied to the sidebar background. To change the existing color being displayed, move the right/left arrow buttons. An additional option at the bottom also allows you to automatically start the sidebar at Windows startup.

Metro Sidebar Settings

Once the Sidebar is launched, it can be exited anytime by right-clicking on the system tray icon of Metro Sidebar and selecting Exit.

Metro Sidebar Blue

You can change the Metro Sidebar colors periodically to suit your existing wallpaper. It would have been better if the application automatically changed the sidebar colors according to the wallpaper for users who use rotating wallpapers in Windows 7. Having said that, it is worth mentioning here that this is only the first version of the application and we are likely to see more improvements to this sidebar in future versions.

Metro Sidebar

Metro Sidebar works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Metro Sidebar


  1. Guys, guys. I have a question for you … Does ANYONE at all find Window’s mosaic themes useful or beautiful?

    Personally I find them terrible. Asymmetric weird color boxes arranged irrationally and put on my screen. I’m not looking forward to having them on Windows 8 at all.

  2. Will someone explain to me the purpose of this?

    All it does is tell me what version if windows I have, which I already know.

    how much hard drive space I have left.

    And what my favourite web browser is. (My favourite isn’t even on the list)

    I just don’t get it!

    • My thoughts exactly… at least show processes/memory use/unread emails/network traffic/RSS reader etc – I’m well aware of what OS and browser I’m using!

  3. Is it really useful? Seems like it is just a sidebar occupying the screen and which users will turn off to get more screen space. Not much useful information displayed there.

    I will use docks(Rocket dock / Object dock) to access my favorite programs and they are much more stylish.

  4. Issues:

    1. Doesn’t display correctly if the Taskbar is on the top of the screen
    2. No way to move it to a different display.

    Good start but still needs work

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