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Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorial: Basic Help Creating Database

Microsoft Access 2010 introduces numerous features that are not supported in Office Access 2007. The Office 2010 release of Access offers some improvements that make the application more usable, including reliability enhancements. This post will guide you through the basics of creating database and table in Access 2007.

To get started, launch Microsoft Access, on File menu click New, you can either choose Blank database from Available templates or any other form of database from Office.com Templates. Give it an appropriate name and hit Create.

Create database access 2010

Navigate to Create tab, click Table to add another Table. From the left pane right-click Table1 and hit Design View, or you can also click a small button on the bottom-right corner of the window.

Access 2010 design view1 create anotherGive this table an appropriate name and hit OK. In Design view you can name table columns and apply desired constraints over them from Field Properties. Choose Primary key to uniquely identify each record in the table.

access 2010 design view filling1

To start filling tables, switch to table view by clicking the small button on the bottom-right of the window. You will see the columns created in design view and constraints applied.

Access 2010 filling table

Now the basic table has been created and added in the database, you can save it for later use.

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