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How to check if Minecraft Realms is down

There are thousands of Minecraft servers that you can play on. As long as you own the game, you can join any server. Minecraft servers are great and many of them are online 24/7 but gameplay depends, to a great extent, on who you play with – multiplayer or otherwise. With some servers, it’s plain anarchy which is why Minecraft Realms exists. 

minecraft realms

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft servers are easy to set up but you need to host them somewhere and not everyone is up to the job. It’s simple but time-consuming and setting up any sort of server for the first time comes with complications that require a lot of Googling (or visits to Addictive Tips – you’re already here!).

Minecraft Realms is the official server hosting from Minecraft. They’re easier to set up and are geared towards smaller groups of ten players. 

Is Minecraft Realms down?

Servers can go down and Realms is no different. They are well-managed servers, with lots of backups in place, and professionals keeping an eye on everything. However, a server can go down regardless of who’s looking after it. If you and your friends are unable to connect to a realm, it’s possible that Realms is down.

Minecraft Realms does not have an official service status page. To check if the service is down, the first place to check is the Mojang Status Twitter account.

If a Minecraft-related service is down, there should be an update from the account. After that, you need to wait for the problem to be fixed.

Check Down Detector

If Mojang hasn’t posted an update, or they’re not aware of a problem with Realms, you can try Down Detector. Down Detector works on user search trends. If lots of people, even those who do not play on the same Realm as you, are searching to determine if Realms is down, it will show up on Down Detector.

If it does, it is safe to assume that there is a server-side problem. You can send a tweet to the Twitter Mojang support account to get their attention.


Minecraft Realms are smaller servers but lots of people have their own Realm set up. A single realm may only cater to a handful of people but the service itself is massive. It isn’t unheard of for a service of this size and nature to go down. That said, if everyone is able to connect to a realm but you aren’t, it’s unlikely that Realms is down. Check your connection, your anti-virus definitions, and your firewall settings. They may have updated or reset and may be blocking the connection. 

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