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Mirro Is Transparent Audio Player With Windows 7 Aero Glass Look

Previously we reviewed the Mirro Skin and CD Art Display to transform the look of the Windows Media Player. Now a member of the ASK VG team has used the same Skin to create the Mirro Media Player (not to be confused with Miro). Mirro is a fully transparent audio player with complete Windows 7 Aero Glass look. Unlike the formerly reviewed Windows Media Player skin, it is a complete media player and does not require any complex procedure to set up. The installation can be performed from a simple setup file, as it is not a skin for WMP but a standalone audio player. Once installed, you can playback your favorite music files of any format; WAV, Mp4, Mp3, WMV, and MOV,  just to name a few. The best part about Mirro Media Player is the attractive transparent user interface. With auto playlist feature, you can play audio file listing in a loop.

To play an audio file, click on the blue-music imaged icon and select the audio files. Other than track navigation controls at the bottom,  the toolbar at the top has options to repeat tracks, minimize and exit Mirro.

Media Player

Unfortunately, the sound slider can be difficult to identify, as it can disappear due to the aero glass look.


In short, Mirro is an elegant and stable music player with a UI that is bound to attract more third-party customization efforts. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Mirro Media Player

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