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Mitini Is A Siri Like Virtual Personal Assistant For Windows

As most of us know, Siri is apple’s latest brainchild, a personal (virtual) assistant that acts as a knowledge navigator, and provides information regarding voice queries made by the user. Unfortunately, since long, there has been no application for Windows users that can provide Siri like functionality. Recently, Mitini was launched, which is a portable, Siri-like application for Windows users. This third-party application uses Microsoft’s speech engine to recognize your voice and to reply to your queries.

To use Mitini, click the “m” icon and speak in your microphone. This will enable Mitini to detect your query and to fetch relevant information about it. The below screenshot demonstrate the functionality of Mitini.

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The current version of Mitini seems to provide a reasonable result, considering that this is an initial release. During testing, we were able to get correct answers for some queries, whereas the application seemed quite redundant (if not retarded), at other instances. While the iOS Siri has been criticized for not being accurate many a times, Mitini might become more accurate with the passage of time, as new versions are released. One of the major issues with Mitini, for now, seem to be the lack of backend resources that it uses for fetching information. This is because, it does detect many voice queries, but fails to provide a result for it. For example, it does recognize words like MS Office, but is unable to provide any results for it.


While Mitini is currently not as feature rich as Siri, or other voice assistant application available on mobile platforms like Android, it is certainly fun to use, and works reasonably well for some queries. For more information regarding the usage of Mitini, check out the video below.

Let’s hope that Mitini grows into a more robust Windows application with upcoming versions, and provides many options available in the mobile voice assistants, such as scheduling of meetings, launching applications and sending messages via voice commands. Mitini works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

(https://code.google.com/p/serk/downloads/detail?name=Mitini.exe)Download Mitini

[via intowindows]


    • yeah same to me too …. is she say something different then “Sry i didnt get that ”    lol 😀

    • same….. i dont have a mic so i just typed it in the top box as it would with the mic and thats all she keeps saying, maybe its mic only thing 🙁

  1. Nice find guys thanks for letting us know about this one. 🙂

    Seems lovely, would definitely give it a try. 

  2. Nice find guys thanks for letting us know about this one. 🙂

    Seems lovely, would definitely give it a try. 

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