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Monitor Bandwidth With Animated Network Activity Graph [Windows 7]

Network Activity Indicator is a portable application for monitoring bandwidth consumption, packet information, as well as the current download and upload rate. You can get these stats by simply clicking on the Network Activity Indicator icon from the system tray.

The animated graph displays the current download and upload speed, which is highlighted in blue and orange colors respectively. You can also access the network and sharing center and pin the indicator window to the desktop. The latter can be done by clicking on the pin icon from the top right corner. This can be quite handy to keep the indicator window maximized for constant monitoring of bandwidth consumption. For example, if you are experiencing slow browsing, you can check the bandwidth consumption to determine if an application might be consuming excessive bandwidth, e.g. a Torrent client. There are however, a few features that the developer can add to improve the this tool further, namely, access to TCP/IP properties and currently available wireless network connections.

Network Activity Monitor

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Network Activity Indicator

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