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Remo MORE Is A Brilliant Desktop & Mobile Optimization Tool For Noobs

Computers not only cost several hundred dollars now a days, but they are also fairly costly to repair. While you can have most hardware problems repaired, it’s better to just take care of your tech better and back-up data regularly. The problem is that most people don’t know where to begin, for instance, when should they back up data, how to clean junk files, or how to optimize its memory and other components. Remo MORE is a great tool created for the less tech savvy among us, letting them manage and troubleshoot common computer problems in a single click. Could it get any better than that?

MORE is not just a desktop application for Windows and Mac though, as the developer also offers it on iOS and Android, and a unified Cloud Control dashboard that lets users manage all devices from a single web interface.

There’s a lot more to tell about MORE’s naming scheme too; besides being a reshuffle of Remo, the MORE acronym stands for Manage, Optimize, Recover and Enhance – which pretty much sums up what the tool can really do for you.

The Windows application I took for a ride worked flawlessly well – once you launch MORE, you’re introduced to its impressive, Windows 8 tiled-esque interface which also works great on touch-based screens. It automatically begins scanning your system looking for areas that require improvement or your utmost attention, and all you need to do is sit back and let it finish.

Remo MORE - FREE Edition

After the app has finished scanning your machine, it gives you an overview of areas that need a fix. You may get from a few to several different error types including, but not limited to, registry errors, junk files, file extension errors, trash files, internet issues and more. From there on it’s up the user how they tackle these issues and perform the maintenance process. Casual or newbie users can click ‘Do More’ button at the right to let MORE automatically fix everything for them.


It may take a while for the program to completely fix all errors and warnings. And you can also manually skip a process if you wish.

Remo MORE - Fix

Advanced users can not only tweak each error or warning separately, under MORE’s sub-menus, but also fiddle around with additional features. For instance, the Optimize sub menu allows you to use additional tools such as Privacy Cleaner, Registery Cleaner or Duplicate Remover etc.

Remo MORE_Optimize

There’s also Registry Defrag tool that optimizes Windows Registry right away upon launch. You may want to explore other options as well located under Manage, Recover and Enhance, and see for yourself what MORE has in its arsenal.

Registry Cleaner - FREE Edition

MORE also gives real-time alerts and warnings when a certain component, either hardware or software, requires your attention. For example, during testing of the app, it gave me incessant warnings about my computer’s HDD exceeding its maximum temperature threshold.

MORE is also available for mobile platforms, including iOS and Android, with a Windows Phone version soon to follow. The mobile app works exactly the same way as its desktop counterpart, letting you optimize and enhance various components of your device.

Remo MORE_Android1 Remo MORE Android

Additionally, following a straightforward sign up process, MORE lets you download the app to your phone or PC, and manage them both from the web interface. The simple dashboard lets you view all devices and computer systems you have synced with MORE. And you can also add more devices if you need on the fly.

Remo MORE Cloud

Clicking an existing device lets you view its information, as well as remotely manage it using MORE’s different features.

Remo MORE Cloud_Laptop

In a nutshell, Remo MORE is an extremely feature-rich computer and mobile maintenance tool that lets you control and manage multiple platforms from a unified, web based interface. It’s available for free on all supported platforms.

Download Remo MORE

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