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New Features In Chrome 35 For Desktop & Android

Chrome 35 for desktop and Android is out. The changes and new features introduced for the desktop version are disappointing for end users but developers are going to welcome it. Chrome 35 supports more touch input, some new JavaScript features, and new extensions and APIs. Chrome 35 for Android has a lot more to offer end users; for select devices it now supports multiple windows. For all other devices, the new version supports full screen video playback with HTML controls and subtitles, and a new ‘Undo closed tab’ that is pretty self explanatory.


Chrome 35 – Desktop

Developer control over touch input

Chrome 35 gives developers control over the touch-action CSS property. Developers will be able to assign a different action or disable the default one for the mouse wheel.

New apps/extension APIs 

Chrome 35 supports some new extensions and APIs. You can view a list of the newly supported APIs here

Chrome 35 – Android

Subtitle Support & HTML 5 Controls

The new video player controls take up a lot less space on the screen than the old ones and Chrome can now support subtitles. This means that if a video was uploaded with subtitles embedded as an SRT file, users will be able to see them now on their screen.

full screen

Undo Closed tabs

Undo Closed tabs is a feature that explains itself and it’s just plain surprising that it wasn’t there before. When you close a tab, a small overlay notification appears at the bottom of the screen that tells you which tab you closed with an undo button that you can tab to bring it back.

undo close


You can read the full change log for the new version, for both on the official blog. The new version for the desktop is really something for developers. Chrome on Android offers end users a few new features but they’re hardly a big deal especially if you consider the huge update Firefox had a while ago for Android.


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