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Multiboot USB Installer: Boot Multiple Live Linux Distros From A Single USB

One of the easiest ways to install a new operating system is to grab its ISO off the internet and create bootable USB drive. This is quite convenient if you are installing Linux operating system. While creating a Bootable drive is easy, multi-boot USB isn’t quite possible. Multi-boot drive contains a package of different OS in one drive, not requiring a separate medium for each ISO. In the past, we’ve covered an application called XBoot that allows you to create multi-boot USB flash drives from a set of ISO image files.  It makes it easy to download the bootable ISOs from host websites and unpack them in a multiboot setup. Today, we have an open source application named Multiboot USB Installer that lets you install, as well as use multiple Live Linux Distros from a single USB flash drive. Using this tool, you can choose to install Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu on a single USB, and boot the system directly into any selected Linux Distro. Unlike XBoot, it supports up to 129 different Linux Distros; you can also test the multiboot USB flash drive without rebooting your system using QEMU. The application also has Syslinux support, and allows editing Syslinux.cfg (syslinux configuration) file.

Making a multiboot USB is easy. Just insert a USB before starting the application. When the application is launched, select the drive for installing the distros. You can choose to Hide Distros or List Distros using the options given under Step 1. In Step 2, browse for the ISO file and select it. In Step 3, click Create to make the multiboot USB.

You can also check the installed Distros without rebooting your system by running them on QEMU. It lets you choose the maximum physical memory you want to allocate to the test run.

MultiBootUSB.png QEMU

The application supports 129 different Linux Distros including Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, LinuxMint, Debian, Fedora and many more. You can check the complete list of supported distros from Support tab.

MultiBootUSB.png Support

The application also lets you edit the multiboot setup by allowing direct deletion of distro from the list of installed Linux OS. It’s a portable tool that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of both Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Multiboot USB Installer

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