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myTV – Personalized YouTube Video Player For Your Desktop

myTV is an Adobe Air based cross-platform application designed to create a personal TV for directly accessing  YouTube channels. It can be used to subscribe to video channels and playlists by simply copying and pasting links from your browser. You can also organize favorite videos by category, channel type and links. Since myTv is an Adobe Air application, therefore it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux based OS.

Users can optionally login with a myTV account for editing and adding new channels or for changing default settings. The main interface displays six main options including Video Info (i button), Edit program (pencil button), Share Your myTV, TV Switcher, Sync Channels and Online Help.   The Video Info button can be used to obtain detailed information regarding the current video, whereas the Edit Program button allows adding new channels and for altering added subscriptions. The Share myTV button is for sharing a video instantly across social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. TV Switcher (button) allows changing channels by name. The Sync channels button can be used for synchronizing videos between added channels and as the name implies the Online Help button is for obtaining guidelines regarding the use of myTV.

Main Interface

By hovering your cursor on the myTV logo, a drop down menu opens, displaying a list of the added channels by category. This allows instant access to added channels and a list of added videos.


By clicking on the Edit Program button, new channels and videos can be subscribed to (note: you will require logging in with a myTV account to edit the program list). To add a video, simply copy a video link and paste in the URL section and click OK. You can also insert,edit or remove subscribed channels and customize your complete myTV list from this section.

Edit List

The TV Switcher button allows changing to specific channels instantly. The associated list of programs is displayed after myTv is switched to display that channel.

TV Switcher

By logging in and allowing the myTV appliction access to your social networking profile, you can instantly share any video on Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Blogger, Stumbleupon, Digg and via email. Likewise you can obtain information regarding the current video by clicking on the Video Info button and customize video size via the settings button located on the bottom right corner of the interface. Just like You Tube, videos can also be maximized to full screen by clicking on the button next to the volume bar.


Below you can watch the video demonstrating usage in detail.

With the help of this application users can create a desktop TV of their own with their favorite YouTube channels and videos. myTv quite conveniently knits YouTube within a desktop application package, which eliminates the requirement of watching and finding videos via a browser. This application was tested on Windows 7 64-bit OS and works with Windows, Mac and Linux based Operating Systems.

Download myTV

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