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New In iTunes 11.1: iOS 7 Support, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle & More

iTunes 11 was released more than a month after iOS 6 came out, but that wasn’t really a big deal because users were able to continue syncing their iDevices without any problems, and none of the existing features were affected. With iOS 7, however, it is a whole new story. iTunes 11.0.3 does not recognize devices running the OS’ latest version. Some users who immediately updated to iOS 7 hours ago after seeing its new features were left feeling somewhat stuck for the short period of time that iTunes 11.1 was failing to download. The download page seems to be working fine now, though, and not only can you use it to backup/restore your iOS 7 device, but it also has iTunes Radio built into it! Another major addition is ‘Shuffle Genius’, which makes sure that even when in shuffle mode, your playlists are created intelligently.

iTunes Radio

iTunes 11.1 must be the only piece of software released by Apple this fall that hasn’t received a UI overhaul. Everyone knows about the new interface of iOS 7 by now, and even the iCloud website was revamped yesterday to make it more like the new mobile update. The latest version of iTunes might not have made any progress on the UI front, but it still boasts of a few really big additions.

iTunes Radio has been added in the ‘Music’ tab. If you are signed in with a U.S account, the Radio section should be there. Furthermore, if you have started using the service on your iPhone, your personalized radio stations should also be waiting for your on iTunes. Even if you haven’t, the ‘Featured Stations’ provide a pretty good place to start. To celebrate iTunes Radio’s debut, there is even a station that has Katy Perry as its DJ. Just click any station’s tile to start listening. You can use the toggle provided in the bottom-right corner to control explicit songs.

iTunes 11 Station

In order to create a station of your own, hit the ‘+’ icon in the My Stations section. Just like in iTunes Radio on iOS, you can begin by entering the name of an artist, song, or genre. Existing stations offer the usual ‘Add to wishlist’, ‘More like this’ and ‘Never play this’ options. The history tab maintains a list of all the songs that you have streamed in full within the station.

The Podcasts app for iOS has allowed users to create custom stations out of their favorite shows for a long time, but now you can do the same from iTunes, too. Another seemingly small yet significant addition is ‘Genius Shuffle’. Just start playing one of the songs saved locally in iTunes, and then hit the shuffle button. iTunes 11.1 will make sure that the tracks picked for playback in succession go well with each other.

The iTunes 11.1 update notification should show up on your PC or Mac automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can download it manually by heading to the following link.

Download iTunes 11.1

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