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New Memory Power Management Options In Windows 8

Windows 8 brings extra memory power management options to Windows Power Plan Advanced Settings which is accessible from Power Options. These options provide the utility to monitor short memory history, channel power history, backoff channel heat break tolerance, backoff idle utility threshold, and so on. It can help you specify power management settings for your computer’s memory.

To access these advanced options, go to Power Options from Control Panel or click on the power icon from system tray and select More Power Options. Once done, click Change Plan Settings for a specific power plan.

Change Plan Settings

Now click Change Advanced Power settings to configure the new power option features.

change advanced settings

The new options are located in Memory Power Management section (see screenshot below). The available options are as follows:

  • Backoff channel heat break tolerance. This option allows specifying the count that memory cooling channel trend break can tolerate.
  • Consecutive time units to mark a page as cold option allows specifying the time units to mark a page as cold.
  • Backoff channel heat check interval option is meant to allow specifying the time for checking a cold channel before it enters low power state.
  • Backoff idle utility threshold below which to consider backoff for idle.
  • Backoff forced hot channel resume timeout.
  • Time unity for access pattern to select a time unit e.g. 3 minutes for access pattern.
  • Monitor short and long history option are meant to provide a time unit to monitor the short and long memory power history.
  • Monitor channel Power history to set a time for monitoring channel power history.
  • Free pages threshold to move pages out of pinned channel
  • PFN’s query rate per node selection option.
  • Monitor check interval, Backoff frequency, high and low utility threshold option.
  • Put pinned pages number above which to mark a channel as pinned.
  • Memory stats check interval option.
  • Relocation rate per node.

Power options

Note: The current Windows 8 build is quite raw and changing memory related power options can cause system instability. Use any of the above mentioned memory power management settings at your own risk.

[via AskVG]


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