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NoteTab Light: Advanced Text & Syntax Editor With A Tabbed Interface

There are a lot of text editors, both free and paid, available on the internet, that allow you to perform complex editing functions, mostly on code written in different programming languages. Text editors with built-in code samples let you save your time by providing you with a pre-written syntax for writing code. You can just edit the sample and change it according to your requirement. For instance, if you have to create a basic webpage from scratch, it is going to take a lot of time, and will require you to enter all the HTML tags manually into the document. However, if you have a sample code for a webpage, you can just edit it and get the required final product in a lot less time. Today we have one such text editor, called NoteTab Light, which allows you to perform simple, as well as complex text editing functions, provides you with sample codes, search & replace options, and a host of other tools to simplify code writing and editing operations for users.

At AddictiveTips, we’ve tested and reviewed several similar text editors, such as InType, a text editor targeted at developers, which provides users with a large number of sample code modules of several programming languages, and mEdit, an all-round text editor for both Windows and Unix based operating systems.

On first glance, NoteTab Light looks a lot like Notepad++. While Notepad++ takes its power from a plethora of downloadable plugins, NoteTab Light has a lot of built-in utilities, such as sample codes for different programming languages, multiple options to search and replace text and code, spell checker, AutoCorrect, text macros for greater work efficiency and a lot more.

The toolbar at the bottom lets you select the various advanced functions provided by the application, such as entering and editing words in the Auto Correct list, using Bootstrap templates, Capture text from Windows Clipboard to use in the document, or to format and use in Email, Clipcode Syntax, FTP utilities, Auto Replace for HTML tags, templates for HTML and CSS code, options to add and edit Paste Clips (text macros), set reminders, sample code for different operations (including launching programs, document handling, keyboard macros), smileys and other utilities.

NoteTab Light (Acc)  -  CProgram Files (x86)NoteTab LightReadme.txt

Options (View > Options) allows you to change visual, and functional settings related to different aspects of the interface, such as Web File, File Filters, Associations, Colors, Toolbars, Documents, Filters, Internet, etc. You can tweak each option to customize the software for the kind of work you are doing.

View Options

NoteTab has both free and paid versions; a complete comparison between the two can be viewed on the product page. The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download NoteTab Light


  1. And a middle ground between the Notepad2 and Notepad + +, already exists?
    I wanted one that had wings like Notepad + +, but was light and compatible with syntax equal to Notepad2.

  2. +1 To that. What’s the purpose of it when Notepad ++ offers all features of the Pro version plus more for free.
    For the syntax colouring in Notepad++ you can configure it to as much complexity as you like either by yourself or by ready made addons.

  3. NoteTab is wonderful for text manipulation – but you can’t really compare it to Notepad++ because NoteTab doesn’t have syntax colouring – actually it has a very minimal syntax colouring for html, but that’s it. Notepad++ does syntax colouring for the world.
    But for maniuplation, you can’t beat NoteTab – it will do nearly anything. You can even interface Windows System with it, which means you can even use it as a launcher or even a registry editor. Wonderful stuff.

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